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Ideas for Painting and Decorating your Home

Decorating your home can be as exciting as it is enjoyable, and deciding on the best methods and techniques to use can make a lot of difference. Whether you’re a new home owner, or looking to revitalise your current house with a fresh interior design, it’s advisable to check out ideas for painting and decorating your home first. With so many ideas to take inspiration from, it’s important to set some time aside to decide on the right course of action for your home. Let’s take a look at the unique things to consider.

Colour Scheme

Your home should represent your style as soon as a guest walks in. That’s where a color scheme comes in handy. By picking the right combination of colours, tones and hues, you can create the atmosphere without having to even consider furnishings and décor. When deciding on a colour scheme, it’s important to remember that particular shades work much better to create specific atmospheres than others. For example, light blue and light peach tones are great for defining a relaxing atmosphere, whereas red and bold colors are great for energy. Whatever style you’re going for, tailor your colour palette to reflect it and the atmosphere will speak for itself.


If there’s one thing that can negatively impact the appearance of your home, it’s your furniture. When designing a room’s appearance, start from the furthest reaches, and work your way inwards. Your furniture should be the last thing placed within the room, and therefore it’s very important to ensure that it matches your colour scheme. If your walls are blue, then bright orange furniture may be very difficult on the eye. Shades of grey, soft pastel colours and even browns would make a much better solution.


Every single room within your home should be treated as a separate entity. Whether you decide to match your theme throughout your home, or if you prefer to keep each room as individual as possible; it’s a good idea to balance the space with the aesthetics. Larger rooms can take advantage of the wider space, particularly when it comes to furniture, whereas small rooms should be kept as free from clutter as possible. Instead of taking up floor space, aim to install shelves and wall-mounted units. This frees up space on the floor, and will enhance the appearance of a smaller room – making it look bigger than it is.

Extra Features

The best way to finish off a room is to install extra features. These include lamps, ornaments and other similarly sized goods. When adding these individual elements, aim to have them match your room’s décor and style. It’s important to keep your colour scheme as consistent as possible, as the alternative is to have a room that is as confusing as it is out of place.

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